Contacting Materials for Nanoelectronics

Devices in nanoelectronics consist of a large variety of materials (gate oxide, silicide contact, Cu metallization, diffusion barriers, etc.). Through in-situ characterization techniques and dedicated deposition processes, we aim at obtaining a fundamental understanding of the formation and properties of some of these materials: silicides, germanides and carbides and Si nanowires and carbon nanotubes.

Contacting materials: silicides, germanides and carbides

In collaboration with IMEC:

  • optimization of CoSi2 through alloying
  • formation kinetics of NixSiy for fully-silicided gate applications

In collaboration with IBM Research:

  • formation and properties of NiSi
  • optimization of NiSi through alloying
  • germanides for contacting Ge-based devices
  • THETA : the unexpected formation of an epitaxial metastable hexagonal Nickel silicide phase during thin film reactions

Source: IBM

In-situ study of the formation of Pt germanides
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