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Renewable electricity sources, such as wind and solar power, are key technologies to cope with the depletion of fossil energy resources and to limit global warming. However, adequate energy storage solutions are required to tackle their intermittent and regional availability.

Energy storage is more and more becoming an important challenge in our modern day society. Switching to renewable energy sources necessitates the need for high capacity off-grid energy storage, our day-to-day dependence on mobile technology demands light batteries with long cycle lives, and advances in microelectronics (whether or not for biomedical applications) require safe and dependable microbatteries.

Today’s challenge for the chemical industry is ensuring sustainable supplies of fuels, chemicals and materials for a growing global population, while limiting global warming and climate change. Controlling the atmospheric CO2 level forms an inseparable part of this evolution. Catalytic technologies will play a pivotal role in addressing this challenge throughout the 21st century by enabling the utilization of alternative energy sources and feedstocks, mitigation of greenhouse gases, and pollution abatement.

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