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Metal sulfides have recently attracted increasing interest worldwide, partially driven by energy applications. For example, transition metal sulfides have emerged as attractive electrocatalysts. They are also promising electrode materials for lithium/sodium/magnesium-ion batteries and supercapacitors. In addition, metal chalcogenide materials have been widely studied for opto-electronics applications, including lighting, display and imaging technologies.

Semiconductor power devices are a central part of any power conversion circuit and are ubiquitous in our daily lives: they transform voltages for a multitude of appliances, such as to convert from DC (such as a battery in an electric car) to AC (such as a motor drive) and vice versa. The electrical grid is, unfortunatly, inefficient in transferring electrical energy from to the end-user. It is estimated that for charging your mobile phone, 5% is lost on the electrical grid and even up to 35% is lost at the final 230V-to-5V power transformer.

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