In situ characterization during annealing

The CoCooN research group has several setups that allow in situ characterisation during annealing of the sample. Note that the annealing ambient can be selected from a range of gasses such as helium, argon, hydrogen, nitrogen and others. With these setups, we can monitor different physical characteristics in function of temperature:

  • Crystallography by means of in situ XRD 
  • Surface roughness and agglomeration by in situ laser light scattering and ellipsometry
  • Sheet resistance by in situ four-point measurement
  • Stresses in films by in situ wafer curvature measurements
  • Layer thickness, optical properties and porosity by in situ ellipsometry

In-situ XRD

In-situ stress/roughness

In-situ resistivity
Each individual use of these techniques learns us a lot about the physical system under investigation. When combining several different tools, CoCooN lab is an excellent research place for this kind of research! In the example below, the in situ XRD and stress measurement reveals the transformation from a Cobalt layer on a Si substrate to CoSi2 during annealing.

Phase formation is studied in situ using XRD and film stress is monitored during the solid-state reaction through wafer curvature measurements.
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