In situ characterization at CoCooN

Taking materials science beyond cook and look 

The traditional ex situ method to study the effect of e.g. annealing on materials properties consists of the 'cook-and-look' approach: one prepares e.g. 10 identical samples, each of which are subjected to a certain thermal treatment. After cooling down, a certain property (e.g. phase composition) of each of the samples is measured ex situ, and one then tries to analyze the kinetics of the reaction under study on the basis of this limited set of measurements. This ex situ approach is labor intensive and produces relatively few results.

Alternatively, one can use in situ measurements to observe the evolution of the film in real time, i.e. while the process is taking place. The CoCooN group at UGent has a core background in designing and using dedicated systems for in-situ characterization during deposition and/or annealing of thin films:

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