Pt redistribution during Ni(Pt) silicide formation

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Journal Article


Applied Physics Letters, Volume 93, Number 26, p.- (2008)



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crystal orientation, diffusion barriers, films, grain boundaries, nickel alloys, nisi, platinum alloys, rutherford backscattering, rutherford backscattering data, silicon alloys, solid solubility, texture, thin films


We report on a real-time Rutherford backscattering spectrometry study of the erratic redistribution of Pt during Ni silicide formation in a solid phase reaction. The inhomogeneous Pt redistribution in Ni(Pt)Si films is a consequence of the low solubility of Pt in Ni2Si compared to NiSi and the limited mobility of Pt in NiSi. Pt further acts as a diffusion barrier and resides in the Ni2Si grain boundaries, significantly slowing down the Ni2Si and NiSi growth kinetics. Moreover, the observed incorporation of a large amount of Pt in the NiSi seeds indicates that Pt plays a major role in selecting the crystallographic orientation of these seeds and thus in the texture of the resulting Ni1-xPtxSi film.


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