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Aluminium atomic layer deposition applied to mesoporous zeolites for acid catalytic activity enhancement, Pulinthanathu Sree, S., Dendooven J., Koranyi T. I., Vanbutsele G., Houthoofd K., Deduytsche D., Detavernier Christophe, and Martens JA , Catalysis Science & Technology, 2011, Volume 1, Issue 2, p.218 - 221, (2011)
Amorphous and Crystalline Vanadium Oxides as High-Energy and High-Power Cathodes for Three-Dimensional Thin-Film Lithium Ion Batteries, Mattelaer, Felix, Geryl Kobe, Rampelberg Geert, Dendooven Jolien, and Detavernier Christophe , ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Jul-04-2018, Volume 9, Issue 15, p.13121 - 13131, (2017)
Anisotropic thermal expansion of Ni, Pd and Pt germanides and silicides, Geenen, F A., Knaepen W., Moens F, Brondeel L, Leenaers A, den Berghe Van S., and Detavernier Christophe , Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Volume 49, p.275307, (2016)
Annealing of sulfide stabilized colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, Dierick, Ruben, Capon Boris, Damm Hanne, Flamee Stijn, Arickx Pieter, Bruneel Els, Van Genechten Dirk, Van Bael Marlies, Hardy An, Detavernier Christophe, et al. , Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Jan-01-2013, Volume 2, Issue 1, p.178, (2013)
Annealing of thin “Tincone” films, a tin-based hybrid material deposited by molecular layer deposition, in reducing, inert, and oxidizing atmospheres, Van de Kerckhove, Kevin, Dendooven Jolien, and Detavernier Christophe , Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, Jan-09-2018, Volume 36, Issue 5, p.051506, (2018)
Atomic layer deposited second-order nonlinear optical metamaterial for back-end integration with CMOS-compatible nanophotonic circuitry, Clemmen, éphane, Hermans Artur, Solano Eduardo, Dendooven Jolien, Koskinen Kalle, Kauranen Martti, Brainis Edouard, Detavernier Christophe, and Baets Roel , Optics Letters, Jan-01-2015, Volume 40, Issue 22, p.5371, (2015)
Atomic Layer Deposition of Aluminum Phosphate Based on the Plasma Polymerization of Trimethyl Phosphate, Dobbelaere, Thomas, Roy Amit K., Vereecken, Philippe, and Detavernier Christophe , Chemistry of Materials, Volume 26, Issue 23, p.6863-6871, (2014)
Atomic Layer Deposition of Pt Nanoparticles within the Cages of MIL-101: A Mild and Recyclable Hydrogenation Catalyst, Leus, Karen, Dendooven Jolien, Tahir Norini, Ramachandran Ranjith, Meledina Maria, Turner Stuart, van Tendeloo Gustaaf, Goeman Jan, Van der Eycken Johan, Detavernier Christophe, et al. , Nanomaterials, Jan-03-2016, Volume 6, Issue 3, p.45, (2016)
Atomic layer deposition of ruthenium at 100 °C using the RuO4-precursor and H2, Minjauw, Matthias M., Dendooven Jolien, Capon Boris, Schaekers Marc, and Detavernier Christophe , J. Mater. Chem. C, Jan-01-2015, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.132 - 137, (2015)
Atomic Layer Deposition of TiO 2 on Surface Modified Nanoporous Low- k Films, Levrau, Elisabeth, Devloo-Casier Kilian, Dendooven Jolien, Ludwig Karl F., Verdonck Patrick, Meersschaut Johan, Baklanov Mikhail. R., and Detavernier Christophe , Langmuir, Jan-10-2013, Volume 29, Issue 39, p.12284 - 12289, (2013)
Atomic layer deposition of TiO2 from tetrakis-dimethyl-amido titanium or Ti isopropoxide precursors and H2O, Xie, Q., Jiang Y. L., Detavernier Christophe, Deduytsche D., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Ru G. P., Li B. Z., and Qu X. P. , Journal of Applied Physics, Oct 15, Volume 102, Number 8, p.-, (2007)
Atomic layer deposition of titanium nitride from TDMAT precursor, Musschoot, J., Xie Q., Deduytsche D., Van den Berghe S., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., and Detavernier Christophe , Microelectronic Engineering, Jan, Volume 86, Number 1, p.72-77, (2009)
Atomic layer deposition of vanadium oxides for thin-film lithium-ion battery applications, Mattelaer, Felix, Geryl Kobe, Rampelberg Geert, Dobbelaere Thomas, Dendooven Jolien, and Detavernier Christophe , RSC Adv., Nov-30-2016, Volume 6, Issue 115, p.114658 - 114665, (2016)
Atomic Layer Deposition Route To Tailor Nanoalloys of Noble and Non-noble Metals, Ramachandran, Ranjith K., Dendooven Jolien, Filez Matthias, Galvita Vladimir V., Poelman Hilde, Solano Eduardo, Minjauw Matthias M., Devloo-Casier Kilian, Fonda Emiliano, Hermida-Merino Daniel, et al. , ACS Nano, Mar-09-2018, Volume 10, Issue 9, p.8770 - 8777, (2016)
Atomic layer deposition-based synthesis of photoactive TiO2 nanoparticle chains by using carbon nanotubes as sacrificial templates, Deng, Shaoren, Verbruggen Sammy W., He Zhanbing, Cott Daire J., Vereecken Philippe M., Martens Johan A., Bals Sara, Lenaerts Silvia, and Detavernier Christophe , RSC Advances, Jan-01-2014, Volume 4, Issue 23, p.11648, (2014)
Atomic layer deposition-based tuning of the pore size in mesoporous thin films studied by in situ grazing incidence small angle x-ray scattering, Dendooven, Jolien, Devloo-Casier Kilian, Ide Matthias, Grandfield Kathryn, Kurttepeli Mert, Ludwig Karl, Bals Sara, Van Der Voort Pascal, and Detavernier Christophe , Nanoscale, Jan-01-2014, (2014)
Axiotaxy of CoSi2 thin films on Si(100) substrates and the effects of Ti alloying, Ozcan, A. S., Ludwig KF, Detavernier Christophe, Lavoie C., and Jordan-Sweet J. L. , Journal of Applied Physics, Jun 15, Volume 95, Number 12, p.8376-8381, (2004)
Ballistic electron emission microscopy studies of the temperature dependence of Schottky barrier height distribution in CoSi2/n-Si(100) diodes formed by solid phase reaction, Zhu, S. Y., Qu X. P., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Detavernier Christophe, Ru G. P., Cardon F., and Li B. Z. , Solid-State Electronics, Dec, Volume 44, Number 12, p.2217-2223, (2000)
Ballistic electron emission microscopy study of barrier height inhomogeneities introduced in Au/n-Si Schottky contacts by a HF pretreatment, Detavernier, Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Donaton R., Maex K., and Cardon F. , Journal of Applied Physics, Sep 15, Volume 84, Number 6, p.3226-3231, (1998)
Barrier height inhomogeneities of epitaxial CoSi2 Schottky contacts on n-Si (100) and (111), Zhu, S. Y., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Detavernier Christophe, Cardon F., Ru G. P., Qu X. P., and Li B. Z. , Solid-State Electronics, Apr, Volume 44, Number 4, p.663-671, (2000)
The barrier height inhomogeneity in identically prepared Au/n-GaAs Schottky barrier diodes, Leroy, W. P., Opsomer K., Forment S., and Vanmeirhaeghe R. L. , Solid-State Electronics, Jun, Volume 49, Number 6, p.878-883, (2005)
A BEEM study of Schottky barrier height distributions of ultrathin CoSi2/n-Si(100) formed by solid phase epitaxy, Zhu, S. Y., Detavernier Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Qu X. P., Ru G. P., Cardon F., and Li B. Z. , Semiconductor Science and Technology, Apr, Volume 15, Number 4, p.349-356, (2000)
A BEEM study of the temperature dependence of the barrier height distribution in PtSi/n-Si Schottky diodes, Zhu, S., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Detavernier Christophe, Ru G. P., Li B. Z., and Cardon F. , Solid State Communications, Volume 112, Number 11, p.611-615, (1999)


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