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Axiotaxy of CoSi2 thin films on Si(100) substrates and the effects of Ti alloying, Ozcan, A. S., Ludwig KF, Detavernier Christophe, Lavoie C., and Jordan-Sweet J. L. , Journal of Applied Physics, Jun 15, Volume 95, Number 12, p.8376-8381, (2004)
CoSi2 formation in the presence of Ti, Ta or W, Detavernier, Christophe, Lavoie C., and Vanmeirhaeghe R. L. , Thin Solid Films, Dec 1, Volume 468, Number 1-2, p.174-182, (2004)
Defect characterization of the structure-growth zone-model for sputter deposited Cu films, De Baerdemaeker, J., Dauwe C., Segers D., Detavernier Christophe, Deduytsche D., Egger W., and Sperr P. , Icotom 14: Textures of Materials, Pts 1and 2, Volume 445-6, p.69-71, (2004)
Influence of hydrogen treatment and annealing processes upon the Schottky barrier height of Au/n-GaAs and Ti/n-GaAs diodes, Forment, S., Biber M., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Leroy W. P., and Turut A. , Semiconductor Science and Technology, Dec, Volume 19, Number 12, p.1391-1396, (2004)
Influence of processing conditions on CoSi2 formation in the presence of a Ti capping layer, Detavernier, Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Vandervorst W., and Maex K. , Microelectronic Engineering, May, Volume 71, Number 3-4, p.252-261, (2004)
Influence of Pt addition on the texture of NiSi on Si(001), Detavernier, Christophe, and Lavoie C. , Applied Physics Letters, May 3, Volume 84, Number 18, p.3549-3551, (2004)
Low-temperature formation of CoSi2 in the presence of Au, Detavernier, Christophe, Lavoie C., d'Heurle F. M., Bender H., and Vanmeirhaeghe R. L. , Journal of Applied Physics, May 15, Volume 95, Number 10, p.5340-5346, (2004)
Schottky barrier characteristics of ternary silicide Co1-xNixSi2 on n-Si(100) contacts formed by solid phase reaction of multilayer, Zhu, S. Y., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Forment S., Ru G. P., Qu X. P., and Li B. Z. , Solid-State Electronics, Jul, Volume 48, Number 7, p.1205-1209, (2004)
Texture of tetragonal alpha-FeSi2 films on Si(001), Detavernier, Christophe, Lavoie C., Jordan-Sweet J. L., and Ozcan A. S. , Physical Review BPhysical Review B, May, Volume 69, Number 17, p.-, (2004)
Thermal stability, phase and interface uniformity of Ni-silicide formed by Ni-Si solid-state reaction, Qu, X. P., Jiang Y. L., Ru G. P., Lu F., Li B. Z., Detavernier Christophe, and Vanmeirhaeghe R. L. , Thin Solid Films, Sep, Volume 462-63, p.146-150, (2004)
CoSi2 formation through SiO2, Detavernier, Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Cardon F., and Maex K. , Thin Solid Films, May 1, Volume 386, Number 1, p.19-26, (2001)
CoSi2 nucleation in the presence of Ge, Detavernier, Christophe, Van Meirhaeghe R. L., Cardon F., and Maex K. , Thin Solid Films, Mar 15, Volume 384, Number 2, p.243-250, (2001)
The dependence of the etching property of CoSi2 films in diluted HF solutions on the formation conditions, Zhu, S. Y., Ru G. P., Detavernier Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Cardon E., and Li B. Z. , Applied Surface ScienceApplied Surface Science, Jul 2, Volume 178, Number 1-4, p.44-49, (2001)


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