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Axiotaxy of CoSi2 thin films on Si(100) substrates and the effects of Ti alloying, Ozcan, A. S., Ludwig KF, Detavernier Christophe, Lavoie C., and Jordan-Sweet J. L. , Journal of Applied Physics, Jun 15, Volume 95, Number 12, p.8376-8381, (2004)
CoSi2 formation in the presence of Ti, Ta or W, Detavernier, Christophe, Lavoie C., and Vanmeirhaeghe R. L. , Thin Solid Films, Dec 1, Volume 468, Number 1-2, p.174-182, (2004)
Defect characterization of the structure-growth zone-model for sputter deposited Cu films, De Baerdemaeker, J., Dauwe C., Segers D., Detavernier Christophe, Deduytsche D., Egger W., and Sperr P. , Icotom 14: Textures of Materials, Pts 1and 2, Volume 445-6, p.69-71, (2004)
Influence of hydrogen treatment and annealing processes upon the Schottky barrier height of Au/n-GaAs and Ti/n-GaAs diodes, Forment, S., Biber M., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Leroy W. P., and Turut A. , Semiconductor Science and Technology, Dec, Volume 19, Number 12, p.1391-1396, (2004)
Influence of processing conditions on CoSi2 formation in the presence of a Ti capping layer, Detavernier, Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Vandervorst W., and Maex K. , Microelectronic Engineering, May, Volume 71, Number 3-4, p.252-261, (2004)
Influence of Pt addition on the texture of NiSi on Si(001), Detavernier, Christophe, and Lavoie C. , Applied Physics Letters, May 3, Volume 84, Number 18, p.3549-3551, (2004)
Low-temperature formation of CoSi2 in the presence of Au, Detavernier, Christophe, Lavoie C., d'Heurle F. M., Bender H., and Vanmeirhaeghe R. L. , Journal of Applied Physics, May 15, Volume 95, Number 10, p.5340-5346, (2004)
Schottky barrier characteristics of ternary silicide Co1-xNixSi2 on n-Si(100) contacts formed by solid phase reaction of multilayer, Zhu, S. Y., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Forment S., Ru G. P., Qu X. P., and Li B. Z. , Solid-State Electronics, Jul, Volume 48, Number 7, p.1205-1209, (2004)
Texture of tetragonal alpha-FeSi2 films on Si(001), Detavernier, Christophe, Lavoie C., Jordan-Sweet J. L., and Ozcan A. S. , Physical Review BPhysical Review B, May, Volume 69, Number 17, p.-, (2004)
Thermal stability, phase and interface uniformity of Ni-silicide formed by Ni-Si solid-state reaction, Qu, X. P., Jiang Y. L., Ru G. P., Lu F., Li B. Z., Detavernier Christophe, and Vanmeirhaeghe R. L. , Thin Solid Films, Sep, Volume 462-63, p.146-150, (2004)
CoSi2 formation through SiO2, Detavernier, Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Cardon F., and Maex K. , Thin Solid Films, May 1, Volume 386, Number 1, p.19-26, (2001)
CoSi2 nucleation in the presence of Ge, Detavernier, Christophe, Van Meirhaeghe R. L., Cardon F., and Maex K. , Thin Solid Films, Mar 15, Volume 384, Number 2, p.243-250, (2001)


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