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Annealing of sulfide stabilized colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, Dierick, Ruben, Capon Boris, Damm Hanne, Flamee Stijn, Arickx Pieter, Bruneel Els, Van Genechten Dirk, Van Bael Marlies, Hardy An, Detavernier Christophe, et al. , Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Jan-01-2013, Volume 2, Issue 1, p.178, (2013)
Atomic Layer Deposition of TiO 2 on Surface Modified Nanoporous Low- k Films, Levrau, Elisabeth, Devloo-Casier Kilian, Dendooven Jolien, Ludwig Karl F., Verdonck Patrick, Meersschaut Johan, Baklanov Mikhail. R., and Detavernier Christophe , Langmuir, Jan-10-2013, Volume 29, Issue 39, p.12284 - 12289, (2013)
Influence of Carbon Alloying on the Thermal Stability and Resistive Switching Behavior of Copper-Telluride Based CBRAM Cells, Devulder, Wouter, Opsomer Karl, Seidel Felix, Belmonte Attilio, Muller Robert, De Schutter Bob, Bender Hugo, Vandervorst Wilfried, Van Elshocht Sven, Jurczak Malgorzata, et al. , ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Feb-08-2014, Volume 5, Issue 15, p.6984 - 6989, (2013)
Low temperature plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of thin vanadium nitride layers for copper diffusion barriers, Rampelberg, Geert, Devloo-Casier Kilian, Deduytsche Davy, Schaekers Marc, Blasco Nicolas, and Detavernier Christophe , Applied Physics Letters, Jan-01-2013, Volume 102, Issue 11, p.111910, (2013)
Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of Platinum Using (Methylcyclopentadienyl)trimethylplatinum and Ozone, Dendooven, Jolien, Ramachandran Ranjith K., Devloo-Casier Kilian, Rampelberg Geert, Filez Matthias, Poelman Hilde, Marin Guy B., Fonda Emiliano, and Detavernier Christophe , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Oct-10-2013, Volume 117, Issue 40, p.20557 - 20561, (2013)
Synthesis of uniformly dispersed anatase nanoparticles inside mesoporous silica thin films via controlled breakup and crystallization of amorphous TiO2 deposited using atomic layer deposition, Sree, Sreeprasanth Pulinthana, Dendooven Jolien, Masschaele Kasper, Hamed Heidari M., Deng Shaoren, Bals Sara, Detavernier Christophe, and Martens Johan A. , Nanoscale, Jan-01-2013, Volume 5, Issue 11, p.5001, (2013)
Wetting transitions of polymers via thermal and plasma enhanced atomic layer depositions, Roy, Amit K., Deduytsche Davy, and Detavernier Christophe , Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 1, p.01A147, (2013)
Conformality of thermal and plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition on a non-woven fibrous substrate, Musschoot, J., Dendooven J., Deduytsche D., Haemers J., Buyle G., and Detavernier Christophe , Surface and Coatings Technology, 6/2012, Volume 206, Issue 22, p.4511 - 4517, (2012)
Germanium surface passivation and atomic layer deposition of high- k dielectrics - a tutorial review on Ge-based MOS capacitors, Xie, Qi, Deng Shaoren, Schaekers Marc, Lin Dennis, Caymax Matty, Delabie Annelies, Qu Xin-Ping, Jiang Yu-Long, Deduytsche Davy, and Detavernier Christophe , Semiconductor Science and Technology, 07/2012, Volume 27, Issue 7, p.074012, (2012)
In Situ Monitoring of Atomic Layer Deposition in Nanoporous Thin Films Using Ellipsometric Porosimetry, Dendooven, Jolien, Devloo-Casier Kilian, Levrau Elisabeth, Van Hove Robbert, Sree Sreeprasanth Pulinthanathu, Baklanov Mikhail R., Martens Johan A., and Detavernier Christophe , Langmuir, 02/2012, Volume 28, Issue 8, p.3852 - 3859, (2012)
Plasma-Enhanced ALD of Platinum with O2, N2 and NH3 Plasmas, Longrie, D., Devloo-Casier K., Deduytsche D., Van den Berghe S., Driesen K., and Detavernier Christophe , ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 01/2012, Volume 1, Issue 6, p.Q123 - Q129, (2012)
A rotary reactor for thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition on powders and small objects, Longrie, Delphine, Deduytsche Davy, Haemers Jo, Driesen Kris, and Detavernier Christophe , Surface and Coatings Technology, 10/2012, (2012)
Tuning the Pore Size of Ink-Bottle Mesopores by Atomic Layer Deposition, Dendooven, Jolien, Goris Bart, Devloo-Casier Kilian, Levrau Elisabeth, Biermans Ellen, Baklanov Mikhail R., Ludwig Karl F., Voort Pascal Van Der, Bals Sara, and Detavernier Christophe , Chemistry of Materials, 06/2012, Volume 24, Issue 11, p.1992 - 1994, (2012)
Aluminium atomic layer deposition applied to mesoporous zeolites for acid catalytic activity enhancement, Pulinthanathu Sree, S., Dendooven J., Koranyi T. I., Vanbutsele G., Houthoofd K., Deduytsche D., Detavernier Christophe, and Martens JA , Catalysis Science & Technology, 2011, Volume 1, Issue 2, p.218 - 221, (2011)
Effective Electrical Passivation of Ge(100) for HfO2 Gate Dielectric Layers Using O-2 Plasma, Xie, Q., Deduytsche D., Schaekers M., Caymax M., Delabie A., Qu X. P., and Detavernier Christophe , Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, Volume 14, Number 5, p.G20-G22, (2011)
Effective reduction of fixed charge densities in germanium based metal-oxide-semiconductor devices, Deng, Shaoren, and Xie Qi , Applied Physics Letters, 2011, Volume 99, Issue 5, p.052906, (2011)
Effective reduction of fixed charge densities in germanium based metal-oxide-semiconductor devices, Deng, Shaoren, Xie Qi, Deduytsche Davy, Schaekers Marc, Lin Dennis, Caymax Matty, Delabie Annelies, den Berghe Sven Van, Qu Xinping, and Detavernier Christophe , Applied Physics Letters, 08/2011, Volume 99, Number 052906, (2011)
Embedding Quantum Dot Monolayers in Al2O3 Using Atomic Layer Deposition, Lambert, K., Dendooven J., Detavernier Christophe, and Hens Z. , Chemistry of Materials, Jan 25, Volume 23, Number 2, p.126-+, (2011)
High-Performance Ge MOS Capacitors by O2 Plasma Passivation and O2 Ambient Annealing, Xie, Qi, Deng Shaoren, Schaekers Marc, Lin Dennis, Caymax Matty, Delabie Annelies, Jiang Yulong, Qu Xinping, Deduytsche Davy, and Detavernier Christophe , IEEE Electron Device Letters, 12/2011, Volume 32, Issue 12, p.1656 - 1658, (2011)
In situ synchrotron based x-ray fluorescence and scattering measurements during atomic layer deposition: Initial growth of HfO(2) on Si and Ge substrates, Devloo-Casier, K., Dendooven J., Ludwig KF, Lekens G., D'Haen J., and Detavernier Christophe , APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, JUN 6, Volume 98, Number 23, (2011)


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