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Anisotropic thermal expansion of Ni, Pd and Pt germanides and silicides, Geenen, F A., Knaepen W., Moens F, Brondeel L, Leenaers A, den Berghe Van S., and Detavernier Christophe , Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Volume 49, p.275307, (2016)
Crystallization resistance of barium titanate zirconate ultrathin films from aqueous CSD: a study of cause and effect, Hardy, A., Van Elshocht S., Knaepen W., D'Haen J., Conard T., Brijs B., Vandervorst W., Pourtois G., Kittl J., Detavernier Christophe, et al. , Journal of Materials Chemistry, Volume 19, Number 8, p.1115-1122, (2009)
Formation and texture of palladium germanides studied by in situ X-ray diffraction and pole figure measurements, Geenen, F. A., Knaepen W., Keyser De K., Opsomer K., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Jordan-Sweet J., Lavoie C., and Detavernier Christophe , Thin Solid Films, Volume 551, p.86 - 91, (2014)
High-k dielectrics for future generation memory devices (Invited Paper), Kittl, J. A., Opsomer K., Popovici M., Menou N., Kaczer B., Wang X. P., Adelmann C., Pawlak M. A., Tomida K., Rothschild A., et al. , Microelectronic Engineering, Jul-Sep, Volume 86, Number 7-9, p.1789-1795, (2009)
In situ x-ray diffraction study of metal induced crystallization of amorphous germanium, Knaepen, W., Gaudet S., Detavernier Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Jordan-Sweet J. L., and Lavoie C. , Journal of Applied Physics, Apr 15, Volume 105, Number 8, p.-, (2009)
In situ x-ray diffraction study of Ni-Yb interlayer and alloy systems on Si(100), Knaepen, W., Demeulemeester J., Jordan-Sweet J. L., Vantomme A., Detavernier Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., and Lavoie C. , Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, Jan, Volume 28, Number 1, p.20-26, (2010)
In situ X-ray diffraction study of thin film Ir/Si solid state reactions, Knaepen, W., Demeulemeester J., Deduytsche D., Jordan-Sweet J. L., Vantomme A., Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Detavernier Christophe, and Lavoie C. , Microelectronic Engineering, Mar, Volume 87, Number 3, p.258-262, (2010)
The influence of Pt redistribution on Ni1-xPtxSi growth properties, Demeulemeester, J., Smeets D., Comrie C. M., Van Bockstael C., Knaepen W., Detavernier Christophe, Temst K., and Vantomme A. , Journal of Applied Physics, Aug 15, Volume 108, Number 4, p.-, (2010)
In-situ X-ray Diffraction study of Metal Induced Crystallization of amorphous silicon, Knaepen, W., Detavernier Christophe, Vanmeirhaeghe R. L., Jordan-Sweet J. L., and Lavoie C. , Thin Solid Films, Jun 2, Volume 516, Number 15, p.4946-4952, (2008)
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