Welcome to the CoCooN research group

The research group “Conformal Coating of Nanomaterials" belongs to the Department of Solid-State Sciences of Ghent University. Our research is situated within the continuing trend towards miniaturization in micro-electronics. The group focuses on all levels of thin film devices, from deposition to their different applications after extensive characterisation.

Deposition of thin films

Atomic Layer Deposition
for conformal nanocoatings 

Atomic Layer Deposition

Combinatorial deposition of
thin film materials libraries 



Characterisation of thin films

 In situ characterization during deposition and temperature annealing

In and ex situ characterization at synchrotrons


Applications of thin films

 Materials for Nanoelectronics

Contacting material for nanoelectronics


Materials for energy applications 

Thin film solar cells

Non-volatile memories

Li-ion batteries


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